Parenthood Movie Review

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Ruben Doncell
Christian Family
Movie Review
The main character had a terrible relationship with his father. They didn’t see eye to eye at all. The father just took him to baseball games and left him there with an usher that he paid to watch him. The absence of a father figure was significant to his childhood. When he grew up he tried to be anything but that memory. He was involved in his children’s lives. This would be a family theme where the parent separates themselves from the child, so they could attend to their own matters in life. The next theme can be seen in the family that has the young girl being feed information like a sponge ruining her childhood so she could get ahead intellectually. The parents did not see her as a child but as some sort of machine. It is not the proper way to raise a child. She was socially awkward and didn’t have the social skills to socialize with the other children at Kevin’s birthday party. This theme is where the parents treat the child as an object rather than a living being. The next one is in the single mom with the two kids. She struggles to support for her family and her children disrespect her all the time. The son was so distant from her and left all the time, while the daughter was in love with a troubled boy. The son was having problems with himself since she went through puberty and he didn’t have a father figure to explain all the changes in his body and while he was feeling certain things. Todd became that father figure when he married the boy’s sister and got to explain what was happening through experience. This helped out the single mother trying to support her two children. The youngest son and brother of Gil the main character displayed the same type of parenting as the grandfather did with Gil, abandoning his child and dumping him with whoever would take care of him.

The personal struggles were mostly between the grandfather and Gil with how he was a bad father to him and how it affected his...
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