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Topics: Street art, Art, Film Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Jamie Dean
Professor Cassidy
15 March 2013
“Exit through the Gift Shop”
A Banksy Film
The Banksy documentary, “Exit through the Gift Shop”, is effective in its attempt to uncover the underappreciated world of street art in a different form. Not only does the film intrigue you with its informative approach to different styles of art, but it exposes many talented artists and their brilliant work. The film in its entirety was interesting, motivating, and comical. This is a documentary that I would recommend to any type of person.

When I think of documentaries I think of a boring low budget movie about someone trying to convey a message to an audience. Now after seeing the Banksy documentary, “Exit through the Gift Shop” I have a whole new respect for documentaries. This film traces the lives of different talented street artists across the world. The film starts with the story of Thierry Guetta, a simple family guy, and a French immigrant in Los Angelos. It was he who had a passion to document everything in his life, which sparked another passion; to document the underground world of street art. Guetta first followed Shepard Fairey, a well-known street artist, who then introduced him to the real star, Banksy. Banksy is a British street artist who has grown to now have an international reputation for his distinctive political and dark humor artwork. Guetta who first has no interest in being a street artist of his own, is persuaded by Banksy to start doing street art himself. This is when the movie turns to Guetta’s transformation into a semi-famous street artist, following in Banksy’s footsteps, and opening up his own show. The comical side of the movie is the ongoing jokes about how Thierry Guetta should be neither a film maker nor an artist, but throughout the movie he talks about it seriously, as if it is his true calling.

Overall, the film to me was effective in conveying many important messages about the highly disregarded world of graffiti...
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