Banksy Real or Fake

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Guetta a Real or a Fake

In Banksy’s film Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy portrays the protagonist as a delusional man. Guetta , an eclectic Frenchman, is obsessed with filming every aspect of life without importance of how insignificant it might be. While doing this he falls into filming the adventurous life of street artist. However, many of the scenes that depict Guetta are almost only there to discredit him as a filmmaker. And as if that were not enough, the film does a hilarious job of making the real Guetta a laughable character. In comparison to Guetta, Banksy is portrayed as the real artist with honest motives behind his art. Although none of this is directly said and explained the film emphasize this by using different music on both Guetta and Banksy as well as lighting to give more depth or surfaceness to each character. In Exit Through the Gift Shop Guetta is portrayed as a delusional person whose motives and end results for filming are meaningless in his presentation and a simple follower as an artist.

In the opening scenes of the film Guetta is shown as a businessperson and a family man who is weirdly obsessed with filming everything. However, while being interviewed his portrayal as a man is encouraged by the music that is played in the background. His grammar and his speaking are not great and it’s highlighted with silly French music, which encourages the viewer to not take Guetta seriously and rather laugh at his incoherence.

“Are there sound motifs that identify the characters or actions? Does the
Rhythm of the sound support or seve as counterpoint to the rythm of the editing?”(Corrigan) The motifs are there. The music is quite suggestive on how the viewer should go about Guetta. His awkwardness is highlighted or emphasized whenever Guetta is on camera he in never really the focus and through the music. He is in abstract places and never in the center of the shot which make it hard to concentrate and absorb what is being said...
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