Disscussion of Change in Poetry

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  • Published : March 2, 2006
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Question: How do the poets explore the concept of change?

To change is to transform, to undergo metamorphosis. It is essential and unavoidable in life. ‘In black and white' by Eleni Fourtouni and ‘My brother' by Bruce Dawe attempt to encapsulate the essence of change and demonstrate its complexity. The poets create this imagery and make their point through techniques and structure.

Eleni Fourtouni explores the concept of change through eloquent phrasing and descriptive imagery. ‘In black and white' describes the journey from girl to women and the relationships that generate life long memories. Eleni Fourtouni reflects upon her childhood whilst gazing at a photograph laced with forgotten memories of 10 years prior. Time has cascaded forward and her life has surged towards adulthood, the poet has experienced the most inevitable change of all, the aging process. It is a continual cycle, one with immense change, your mental ability strengthens, your identity grows and your relationships fortify. You become independent and previous barriers crumble to reveal a capable adult, it is a change that makes us the people we become. It is also sudden, like lightning, in the poem the rapid transition is evident, in one line we are confronted with both the past and present, as expressed in ‘on her chubby bowed legs on the gravel path- she's grown', it reminds us how quickly the years pass.

Upon becoming adults, our perceptions of people and relationships differ and change. As a child, we are impressionable, innocent and under the care of our parents, we see people on a shallow level. The poem shows the reader this with its structure; the focus often jumps from the past to the present. The change in relationship with the poets mother is also apparent, she goes from being a mere observer, drawing in the environment around her and mimicking her mother, to being like her, both physically and mentally.

The descriptive language engages the audience and conjures up...
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