Poetry Anylisis Essay

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  • Published : September 13, 2011
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Everything Changes

Change is one of the only things in life that a person can count on. Innovation is everything. We either adapt to change, or we get left behind. In “Nights” a poem by Kevin Hart, a character embarks on the possibility of setting out on life’s journey. The character’s fanciful ideas portray a capricious and visionary tone of the poem. Imagery is an essential element of Hart’s tone in “Nights”, which helps to show the importance of life’s variations and transitions.

Capricious and visionary are immediately evident tones as Hart’s poem unfolds into a sense of unpredictability and the idea that faith will guide you down your path. The beginning starts by depicting the tone and its word refrain. The speaker highlights some quixotic ideas in their current behavior. The tone is both capricious and visionary because the speaker imagines setting out down the path without any concrete ideas of what lies ahead. In the line, “My eyes—I rest my mind on them” it shows that the speaker is visionary because they rely on faith; their views aren’t realistic, there unpredictable and imaginative. In the line, “There’s nothing that I really need/ before I set out on that path” is capricious because it also describes the impulsive characteristics of the speaker. The speaker commences the poem by explaining that they don’t have a purpose for setting out on a course, but that they want to initiate their journey anyways. The thought alone refines the idealistic and fanciful characteristics and tone of the speaker. Thus, though speaking with an insightful forecast, the speaker does not touch bases with reality, therefore, the tone falls under both categories of Capricious and visionary.

Through figurative language, Hart evokes powerful images that show the speaker’s novelty and whimsical outlook on life. He uses imagery of a chipped dinner plate to represent the speaker’s alterations of spirit, first optimistically putting out, “my dinner plate is chipped all...
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