The Pipers Son

Topics: Family, Skin, London Underground Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Preliminary English Assessment task 2012
Module A- A close study of texts
Rosie SwansonWood
Question: “Distinctive ideas are at the heart of every text” In your view, what distinctive ideas are explored in your prescribed text? Analyse how these ideas are developed throughout the text by examining the ideas, form and language used in the text.

The Piper’s Son
The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta explores a variety of issues, themes and ideas. Grief, closure and development of the individual are all key issues in the novel. Marchetta engages the reader in the development of these issues via key events and relationships between characters. Grief and loss are vital elements in this novel. Not only is Tom’s family grieving the loss of a loved one, Tom’s uncle Joe who died in the London underground bombings 2 years earlier, but there are other forms of grief portrayed within the text. Tom grieves the absence of his family. After the death of his Uncle, his father turned to drink, his mother left, his father left. Tom closed himself off from the world; his friends, family and the girl he loved. Tom’s grief deeply affects his behaviour. In the beginning, he has a self-destructive attitude towards life, he indulges in drugs, alcohol and mindless sex. Music is also an escape for him. ‘’The string slices into the skin of his fingers… the beat is fast… his joints are aching… but nothing’s going to stop Tom. He’s aiming for oblivion’’. Marchetta uses alliteration (string, slices, skin) in this quote to emphasize the pain Tom feels. ‘’no matter how tough the callus, it tears’’. He is a human callus, roughened by the constant pain. He wants to be oblivious so he doesn’t need to endure the pain in his life, so like a callus in your skin, he is numb. Tom constantly seeks experiences which will blot out the pain he is feeling. Throughout the book you watch as he slowly mends his life, trying to become a reasonable and responsible person once again. At times he’s still...
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