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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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The China Coin is one of the Prose Fiction texts in the English (ESL) Course Language Study within an Area of Study. The Language Study within an Area of Study extends students' skills in responding and composing. It requires students to:

Respond to and compose longer, more sustained and more complex texts at and beyond the literal level. Further develop their understanding of ways meaning is shaped in and through texts. Explore and examine relationships between language and texts, and interrelationships among texts. Examine the individual qualities of texts while considering the text's relationship to the wider context of the Area of Study. Synthesise ideas to clarify meaning and develop new meanings. Take into account whether aspects such as context, purpose and register, text structures, stylistic features, grammatical features and vocabulary are appropriate to the particular text. The Area of Study: Belonging requires students to explore:

The ways in which the concept of belonging is considered and expressed in and through texts. How perceptions of belonging, or not belonging, vary.
How the concept of belonging is conveyed through the representations of people, relationships, ideas, places, events and societies. The underlying assumptions that shape those representations. How the composer’s choice of language modes, forms, features and structures shapes, and is shaped by, a sense of belonging or of not belonging. The ways in which they perceive the world through texts.

The ways in which this study may broaden and deepen their understanding of themselves and the world. The connections between and among texts in their representations of the concept of belonging.
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