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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Jessica Thompson
Steve - Distinction 2
Analyse the factors that contribute to an effective workplace, highlighting good practise from different travel and tourism organisations. There are many different factors that contribute to an effective workplace which I will talk about in this piece of distinction work. Laws are a very significant contribution to a positive workplace. The sex discrimination act was put into place to stop discrimination between men and women and make them equals. Also the equals pay act was put into place so that men and women would get paid the same for doing the same jobs. Another effective act is the race discrimination act this act stopped businesses from not employing people because of their race. If any of these laws are broken then for example someone is sexually discriminated at work then the disciplinary procedures are in place. All these acts have contributed to work in every business not just travel and tourism as they make a work environment run smoother and all members of the business work as a team. Another area that makes an effective work place is motivation. For staff to be motivated there must be procedures put in place to make them want to work to the best if their ability. British airways decided that the perk of working with them would be the motivation of staff having free flights with their business. When some members of British airways went on strike because they wanted to get paid more the staff that went on strike got this perk taken away from them and had to earn it back. Whilst this was happening it made tension at work between staff that had been on strike and ones who hadn’t this made the work force divisive. British airways put their free flights back into place for everyone and this made the staff work as a team again. All the factors I have spoken about above contribute to an effective workforce. They make the working environment happy because of god working conditions and perks at work. People like...