Travel and Tourism

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Unit 304 – Principles of marketing for travel and tourism Definition of Marketing:
Marketing is a type of management tool and is responsible for meeting customer requirements; marketing is about getting the right products to the right people in the right place at the right time at the right price using the right promotion; for example airline companies such as easy jet and ryanair will try and invest their time and money by finding out what different type of customers want from the companies by asking when they want to travel, what facilities they would prefer, which destinations would be more suitable for them and how much they would be willing to pay. Afterwards they would provide ways of letting customers know by using brochures, advertisements, newspapers, internet and posters. Function of marketing:

The function of marketing is to identify customer’s needs, develop products and services, promote it to customers and evaluate. * Identifying customer needs is the first part of the marketing process and involves getting to know the facts about the customer; such as how much there willing to pay for holidays, do they like the holidays and whether they like the service that’s been offered; decisions are then made and different types of market research are used to gather information. * After you have got to know the customer it will be more straight forward to develop products and services that they will want to buy; such as price, location, access and features. * Once products have been developed you then decided how it will be promoted to customers; things could included advertising, mail, sponsorship, newspapers etc. * Evaluation which is the last part and most important part of the process; as it monitors peoples tastes and by doing this travel organisations can make best use of the resources.

Marketing aims:
Organisations develop a lot of aims to help them achieve their goals and mission statement; some of the marketing aims that organisations use are: * Create awareness of the product or organisation – Consumer must always be aware of the products and services so when they are deciding a holiday to choose. * Challenge competitors – Other competitors may open around your location and try to attract customers and advertise holidays. This may lead you to increase promotional activities to retain and attract customers. * Introduce new products – Customers must always be aware of new products on the market; advertising, bill boards and brochures are ways of promoting these products to lots of different customers. * Target new customers – Different market activities can help focus on what products appeal to customers. * Threats – The Company will need to manage any threats that could affect the marketing process. SWOT is an evaluation of internal and external situation of the company and organisation which has a direct impact on its business. SWOT analysis is the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES and looks at OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS of conditions. The SWOT analysis is always performed by companies before an objective is set; this is because it allows goals to be set and objectives to be set by the organisation. Strength – The strengths are the characteristics of the business such as; the quality of the attraction, the local climate and the destination that gives it advantages over other organisations. Weakness – The weakness are the characteristics that will make the organisation at a disadvantage such as; staff in the organization are not well trained, the prices for the customers are too high and there are not enough excursions offered for a variety of customers. Opportunities – The opportunities are elements that give projects the chance to develop to its advantage such as; having more publicity by the government promoting the area, which will then lead to the area becoming more popular and because it’s a new area there won’t be a lot of competition. Threats - The Threats are...
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