Business Research Task: Coca-Cola Amatil

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Business Research Task: Coca-Cola Amatil

Employees are the most beneficial assets that a business can have. Without staff a business, essentially, would be unable to operate. Therefore it is of vital importance to maintain a highly efficient relationship between employers and employees. This is carried out through Employment Relations.

Effective and efficient employment relations in a specific organisation should be shown through; good work performance, job satisfaction amongst employees, low levels of absenteeism and low levels of staff turnover. As these goals are met so will the level of effectiveness of a business’ employment relations be determined.

Coca-Cola Amatil independently manufactures own soft drinks, it is the principal Coca-Cola licensee in Australia. Coca-Cola Amatil relies heavily in their employment relations expertise. They aim to ensure satisfaction in the work place for both employee and employer. They do this by putting into several practices to ensure the success of the business; effective communications, a rewards system, flexible working conditions, legal compliances and efficient conflict resolution.

Outline the importance of communication:
It is of vital importance to uphold constant communications within a large company if it is hoping to attain successful employment relations. Communication serves a wide range of purposes; problem solving, instruction, supportive explaining and so forth. As today consists generally of flatter organisations managers tend to be keen in providing employees with information on the business’ goals and aims with the hope of gaining information and ideas from some of the employees. Verbal uses of communications include questioning, feedback and presentations, whereas non-verbal communication includes emails, reports and newsletters. Without a successful use of communications within a company and between staff, the company runs the risk of misunderstandings and rumours or gossip spreading regarding the business practices or important information.

At CCA employees and employers achieve a sufficient amount of communications, this involves face-to-face communication, meeting with employees at manufacturing works and over the phone communications and written communication. An initiative they have recently taken is to record video presentations on occasions to relate information back to employees. [Business Studies HSC Course Second Edition, 2004]

Grievance procedures are included in each employment contract insure a process to be carried through as conflict resolutions arise. The purpose of grievance procedures is to fix any problems within the workplace in an efficient and undisclosed manner, these procedures provide employees and employers with the confidence that if any quarrel should occur, it be settled in an appealing manner. Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission and the Anti-Discrimination Board are the government employment relations bodies that CCA refers to for all the recommendations it conforms to.

CCA feel it important to treat employees with fairness, dignity and respect. Their Whistle Blower Protection Policy offers staff a channel of communication in which that may convey any suspected fraud or corruption. [Erini Kontrafouris, 2010]

CCA strives to achieve a proficient relationship between employee and employer. CCA has found that an effective communication habit has aided in this aim, through an observance of low levels of staff turn over and absenteeism this can be deemed, complete. And as can be seen in production and growing of the company, the levels at which employees perform show that they are satisfied with their position in the business. With all this in mind and the fact that communication within a business is held in high regard, it can be assumed that the communications system within CCA is efficient and effective. The Whistle Blower Protection Policy aids in making employees feel comfortable in...
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