6 Drivers in Relationship Selling and Sales Management of the Coca-Cola Company

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1. Introduction
Accompanying with the increasing of global economy, the enterprise has created many new opportunities in the new economic situation. Market is developing and changing rapidly. As the competition increases, products and services become more indistinguishable, and markets become established, it is becoming increasingly tougher for companies in retailing industries to distinguish themselves from other stores. Simply offering customers with technical solutions to problems do not be sufficient anymore to be competitive and obtain and retain market share (Omar et. al 2009).As the expansion of the new product’s brand, the new form of marketing is emerging. Customer’s standard of demands to the products and service also increase to higher levels. The traditional strategy of selling and sales management of many companies faces increasing challenge to meet the high demand customers, therefore, cannot continue the success. The Coca-Cola Company, although with a long history company, can still occupy the first position in the soft drink companies around the world. Coca-cola has 125 years long term history. This is an iconic brand and the company that bears its name. From humble beginnings 125 years ago, the Company has evolved from one product of Coca-Cola to more than 500 brands in 2011. They have grown from selling a modest 9 drinks a day in 1886 to 1.7 billion a day. And the brand has expanded from one city in one country to availability in more than 200 countries around the world. With the above fascinating phenomenon, the questions emerged: how can the company achieve and keep so huge success and what is the selling and sales management that Coca-Cola Company applied to support such kind of success? To answer these questions, in this essay, we are going to explore the six critical drivers of the selling and sales management that the company adopt to achieve the success. The drivers are shown as follows and will be described orderly and specifically. (1) building long-term relationships with customers; (2) creating sales organizational forms that are more nimble and adaptable to the needs of direct customer groups; (3) gaining greater job ownership and commitment from salespeople by removing functional barriers within the organization and leveraging the team experience; (4) shifting sales management style from commanding to coaching; (5) leveraging available technology for sales success; and (6) better-integrating salesperson performance evaluation to incorporate the full range of activities and outcomes relevant within sales jobs today. 2. Content

2.1 Building long-term relationships with customers
Building long-term relationship with customer plays a very important role in marketing. It includes assessing customer value and focusing on high-priority customers, it bring customers and their brands closer together and give customers a direct engagement with the company, it helps company going more and more better in long-term future[1]. The company’s long-term success requires a good relationship between company and their customers. As competition deepens, companies are putting customer relationship as important position, most of them are already seeing the benefits; they’re attracting and harvesting customers and generating profit. Coca Cola, no matter how it seems as a stereotype is an amazing example of creating people’s emotional connection with brand. How does coca-cola company lock in long-term relationships that benefit both salesperson and customer? The section discussed detailed. Achieving brand reinvention considered

The success of Coca-Cola is much attributed to its branding. Since 1866, the companied applied all kinds of strategies to advertise the brand. After achieving impressive brand loyalty by the constant reinvention of the brand and focus on improving the brand, Coca-Cola is no doubt one of the most famous soft drinks in the world [2]. Focus on consumer...
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