Transforming Data Into Information

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Transforming Data into Information
John C. Belt,
PRG / 211
Boriphan Siriat

Transforming Data to Information
One of the main roles of a programmer is to determine what Data is and what information is because the two differ from each other and apply their knowledge to convert data in to information. They take these two variables and develop a way to solve the problem they are trying to solve with both the data and the information. The data within the graph shows a correlation in grade completion and longevity of life that has been collected from a series of people, this information can be programmed to let users interested in the outcomes to represent the data accurately. Education level: school grade completed| Average longevity: age at death| 0| 55|

1–5| 59|
6–10| 67.8|
11–12| 73.4|
13–14| 76.6|
15–16| 79.8|
17+| 82.2|

We will start by defining what Data is and what Information is and investigate what the differences are between the two. Data is defined as individual facts, statistics, or items of information. Information is defined as knowledge gained through study, communication, research, instruction, etc.; factual. As we can see Data is units of information, and information is a collection of facts. In order to logically process this information into presentable facts we must mathematically assess the data in to a reliable representation. We would use the linear formula y=mx+b, and use the data to represent the trend of the slope so it can give a reader a visual depiction of the information presented.

When we use this data we need to translate into visual information. A graph designed using Excel in the Windows operating system would be the most likely option in converting the data. We input this data in to the black box(our computer) and it processes the data by translating numbers from binary code to integers and it is presented in spreadsheet thanks to the program...
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