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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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I was asked to pick an IS theory and discuss how data, information and knowledge are applicable in the context of that theory, or vise-versa. The theory I have chosen is the “work systems theory.” I will first explain the definitions of data, information and knowledge to give you a better understanding of each. After I explain those areas, I will give a definition of the work system and how these terms are applicable to the theory. Overall, I hope to give an in depth look at the work systems theory and it’s relation to data, information and knowledge. First let’s start off by describing data, data is information that has been translated into a form that is more convenient to move or process. Data can also consist in a variety of different forms, like numbers, text, money and even facts stored in your own mind. For example, say you have a check book and are continually using the log to keep up on purchases. That would be classified as a data log because you are storing information to keep as an easy access for future reference. Information is something you gather from past experiences, studying, watching the news and instruction. Information is something that you have been gathering since you were an infant, you are constantly adapting to your surroundings based on the information you receive. Most information was probably from bad experiences that you don’t want to relive again, but there are some occasional good informal experiences as well. Information is vital in everyday life, most importantly in the military and police force. Without it we can’t protect and defend. Last but not least is Knowledge. Knowledge is a familiarity of someone or something based on past encounters or experiences. It’s basically a data store of what you have come in contact with throughout the years. Notice how all of these terms coincide with one another, you need information to gain knowledge and then be able to data log it for future reference. So with the definition of these three...
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