All About the Scientific Theory and Its Components

Topics: Scientific method, Observation, Universe Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: September 9, 2008
The Scientific Inquiry is the route by which scientists ask questions, develop and carry out investigations, make predictions, gather evidence and suggest explanations. b.)NAME SOME IDEAS ABOUT THE NATURAL WORLD THAT HAVE CHANGED OVER TIME BECAUSE OF NEW OBSERVATIONS.

The idea of the earth being flat and that the earth was the center of the universe was proved inaccurate by one of the world’s greatest scientist: Galileo Galilei. By studying and making observations based on his findings using a telescope, he was able to prove that the earth is round and is not the center of the universe, the sun is. Also, when scientists observed that continents do move, the theory of plate tectonics was invented. 2a.)WHAT IS OBSERVING?

To observe means to discover, determine the existence, presence or fact of an exacting issue using our senses. b.)MAKE A LIST OF SOME OBSERVATIONS THAT COULD BE MADE WITH JUST OUR SENSE OF HEARING.

Using our sense of hearing, we would be able to hear birds and study their mating calls. We could also listen to the clap of thunder and count how far away it is. c.)DESCRIBE TWO SITUATIONS IN WHICH INSTRUMENT S WOULD HELP US TO OBTAIN MORE INFORMATION THAN BY USING OUR SENSES ALONE.

We could use instruments to study a tree. We could use a ruler or tape measure to determine the height and width of it. Also, if we were to test the temperature of boiling water, we could use a thermometer to check how hot the water is. 3.) WHAT IS DATA?

Data could be measurements, descriptions of what things are like, what is happening somewhere or other facts. INVESTIGATIONS: are reasonable approaches to solving a problem. FIELD STUDIES: used by scientists who must make observations that cannot be controlled. SURVEYS: making observations that involve describing things the way they are and not by drawing inferences. EXPERIMENTS: situations set up by a researcher to test an idea. SEQUENCING: when you arrange data into...
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