Unit S1104 – Strategic Information Management

Topics: Decision theory, Management, Information systems Pages: 13 (4352 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Executive Summery
Information is very vital for any business operations. So it is important for the organisations to develop effective management information systems. The information from the management information systems should be used to make effective strategic decisions and to make effective strategic decisions the information has to be the best possible information available. It is also important for the organisations to ensure that all data is coming from a valid resource. My role within IT is Logistics Coordinator and communications champion; I am responsible to ensure that the information is communicated onto the relevant people and communicated in the correct way. I must also ensure that the information is correct an relevant to the company and who I am communicating it to. Show that you understand the impact of management information within your Organisations Data is a collection of facts about events. This collection of facts is in raw form meaning that this is an unorganised and unprocessed form, which cannot be used for meaningful purpose for example Name, Age, and Price. Data can be qualitative or quantitative of a collection of both. Such qualitative and quantitative data is attributed to a variable or different set of variables. Data is obtained on the bases of different variables depending on the nature of the data. Data is collected in a large form and then information and knowledge are filtered from the data to support in decision making The information must be comprehensible i.e. clear, well organised and structured, must be timelines i.e. suitable to complete related task and must be accurate to generate the expected result properly. The process for data being transformed into information is as below

Figure 1- Information process

In a business environment data is a valuable asset for any organisation. While selecting data and information for decision-making we must apply some criteria to this selection such as accuracy, validity and clarity. It is very important to have suitable and sufficient data and information to support any type of decision making. Easy and every day decision making requires less amount of data and information whereas complex and difficult making requires a bigger amount of data and information. There are several standards used to determine the importance of specific data and information for the managers to make decision. The nature of data and information should be relevant to the decision that is going to be made. It should not be irrelevant data and information that is distracting from the main idea. The data should be related to the decision in a way that it supports the decision and the information builds up the bases required for the decision making process. The data and information should not be biased to a point. It should be multi-dimensional data that shows different angles to support the decision making. The data and information should be complete. It should be sufficient enough so that the manager gets complete information that they required to make the decision. That data should collect more amounts of accurate information with proper expression of numerical values. The data and information that is observed from different sources around us supports the decision making process. Before making a decision an individual or set of individuals set a goal which they aim to achieve as a result of their decision. So the data should be goal focused. It should reflect the goals that we need to achieve as a result of the decision. It is very important that data and information are collected from multiple sources. That the data collected from those sources should be compared and the best possible information should be filtered to suit the decision making. Different sources of the data could reveal essential information that could be used for the decision making process. Every business organisation needs information to support all business activities and decision making....
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