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Change Management
“Individual Assignment”

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1. Abstract| 3|
2. Introduction 1) NBAD Profile 2) NBAD’s System Change 3) Critical Successful Factors those lead the change| 4| 3. Communication Aspect 1) Communication 2) Communication of the Change Vision 3) Communication’s effectiveness within Organizational Change| 9| 4. Conclusion| 15|

5. References| 16|

* Abstract

This project’s purpose is to examine the modification that had been introduced within National Bank of Abu Dhabi loan system in 1st July 2011, to be Misys Loan IQ. Thus, some critical factors should be concerned to confirm the attaining of targeted aim. Finally, the communication factor categorized as the main aspect in this paper to be explained and find out the role of it once the change take place with NBAD’s loan system.

* Introduction

NBAD’s profile

NBAD is the initial national bank which was opened in Dec 1968 by H.H. late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. NBAD issued their initial sheet of balance in Bahrain Dinars because AED currency not introduced yet till 1973. NBAD has mirrored the UAE’s progress and expansion especially Abu Dhabi emirate. NBAD is categorized as the largest financial organizations within the region of Middle East and North Africa. As a result the diversity of the workforce in term of nationalities calculated around 62 within several financial markets around the above-mentioned region. That actually is assisting the NBAD to maintain the diverse needs of their consumers in financial market. As subsequent, NBAD industrialized from the range of traditional banks category to be one of the universal banks that is attentive and maintainable among 6 lines of business models that constructed upon NBAD’s essential competencies as shown below (Table.1). The model resulted with benefits that NBAD gained while causative meaningfully to the sturdy development of Abu Dhabi economy (NBAD, 2009).

In addition, NBAD is categorized in UAE as bank number one, recorded on the Exchange of Abu Dhabi Securities with NBAD as code of stock. NBAD ranked within the world equally one of higher fifty safest banks. NBAD owned 450 and extra of ATMs in favor to offer the consumers with desirable service of banking over UAE. NBAD offers an access for Internet banking for 24 hours through NbadDirect and NbadOnline, the (Arrow) service of SMS-based imbursement as well as an access for account and personalized consumer support within the NBAD’s call center, which is available for 24 hours (MENANN.2011). NBAD’s Organization Structure

Table.1 (NBAD, 2009)
NBAD’s Stakeholders, Material Issues, & Priority Focus Areas

Table.2 (NBAD, 2009)
NBAD‘s System Change

Actually, NBAD recognized that, the alteration should be introduced and implemented; especially because of their commitment which is focused on building and serving the Abu Dhabi economy. Currently, NBAD aligning their strategy aims with the Government of Abu Dhabi Economic vision 2023 that created on a basis of sustainability values (NBAD, 2009).

Consequently, to maintain their commitment in regard of the sustainability, NBAD has functioned their overseas essential banking beside the treasury of overseas system for more than 20 years with Misys. Thus, to develop their business of syndicated loans; NBAD again sought the help of Misys because of the trusted relationship as a partner (NBAD. 2012).

NBAD has introduced Misys loan IQ in favor of transforming the system of paper-based to the solution that could be automated (Al Mashni, 2011). The processing of back office for the loans of syndicate was mostly physical. The used technology was consisted of heritage main platform of banking, that wasn’t entirely committed the...
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