Resistance to Change

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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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Resistance to Change
MGT380 - Managing Organizational Change
July 30, 2012
Dr. David M. Piltz

Resistance to Change
Organizational change is a focus for Starbucks. The resistance to change needs to be a consideration for the company. Starbucks needs to focus on how to communicate the change in the organization and the attitudes that come with the change, whether it is positive or negative. Starbucks needs to establish strategies for managing the attitudes and the role of the president, manager, and employees with the proposed changes. Starbucks also needs to consider how the combination of the leadership and communication strategies mitigates resistance to change. Communicate Change

Change within an organization is a process that can happen at any time for any reason. Communication can make a difference in how the change is effective or ineffective. Communicating change can be difficult. For an organization to gain success it is important for the managers to know how important communication can be and how to use it to ensure the change which occurs within the organization is understood properly. Poor communication can lead to employees receiving inadequate information, which can cause problems.

To ensure the communication of change is effective there are steps that to follow to help the change process goes as smooth as possible. The first and most important part of change is letting the employees know that change is about to occur and why there is a need for the change. Along with telling the employees about the change there also can also charts and visual aids used to help explain the change and also give the employees a picture of what the change will be not just hearing about the change. The third step is to create a plan that helps the employee’s transition throughout the change. Listening is also an important part of communication. Listening to the employee’s feedback about the change is just as important as giving them the information...
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