Communication and HRM Issues in Organizations

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Barbara Hughes

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Justin U. Harris, PhD

A Assessment in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for
BUS 520- Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Anne Arundel Campus
March , 2009

Chapter 1
Communication and human resource management as it pertains to organizational behavior and leadership can coincide with one another in varying circumstances. Communication consist of many variable avenues all in that can lead to a human resource management problems if the communication is not appropriately done. Since communication can be vary in different styles that consist of written and verbal, formal and non formal it’s important to understand how all types of communication play a vital role in an organization. The communication must be clear and well defined for the individual to totally understand it and the true meaning of it. Human resource management can be defined as the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, motivation and communication. Human resource management plays a vital role in the employee’s success, job satisfaction, motivation and overall assist in the employee identifying a key area for them to have continued success in the organization.

In this assessment, it is the intent that the reader will have a clear understanding of the varying communication styles that are used in organizations today. In addition the reader will have an understanding and knowledge of human resource management and how communication and HRM are overall needed in an organization success.

Chapter 2
Communication in today’s organizations has not only become far more complex and varied but more important to overall organizational functioning and success (Baker, 2002). It has become more apparent due to the need for every facet of education and workforce consisting of organizational communication on expert, intermediate or beginner level. Communication can be defined as "the transfer of meanings between persons and groups". The purpose of communication may range from completing a task or mission to creating and maintaining satisfying human relationships. The word transfer means more than the simple process of "packaging" an idea as conceived by a sender and transporting it to the mind of a receiver, where it is "unpackaged". It implies the creation of meaning in the mind of a sender followed by a re-creation of the same meaning in the mind of a receiver. If something occurs along the way to change the sender's original meaning, the communication has failed in its intent.

In the communication process the source is the person who originates the message (Richmond, Mcroskey, & Mcroskey, 2005).The source must determine the specific meaning of what is being communicated, translate the message meaning and convey the message. The message is any verbal or nonverbal stimulus that elicits meaning in the receiver (Richmond, Mcroskey, & Mcroskey, 2005). The channel is a means by which a message is carried from one person to another (Richmond, Mcroskey, & Mcroskey, 2005). The person is the most important thing in the channel aspect because it’s very often the person is communicate the message in addition to people in the channel process make up the informal communication in organizations. The receiver is the person who acquires the source’s message (Richmond, Mcroskey, & Mcroskey, 2005). The receiver has three basic functions receive the sources message, translate the message and respond to the message, which are all very similar to the source functions.

There are two basic forms of networks in organizational communication which are formal and informal. Formal communication network is the most structured type of communication. It follows a standardize process and procedure...
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