How Information Is Used

Topics: Hotel, Hotels, RevPAR Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: October 27, 2012
How Information is Used
Anesse Palmer
April 22, 2012
Danin Gray

How Information is Used
1. Provide three examples of information collected by an EIS. a. Occupancy levels, average daily rates, and revenue produced daily. 2. Provide three examples of information collected by a DSS. b. Projected revenue summaries, inventories of information to help in forecasting hotel, and data compared to same time last year. 3. How does information collected by an EIS and a DSS help a hotel manager make strategic decisions for a company? c. By being able to see how the hotel produced at the same time last year and the strategy to get to that point forecasting and working on a budget can be helpful. Also by being able to compare our hotels information with hotels information in the same category can help our revenue team to strategize how to gain their business. RevPAR and hotel share are easier to achieve by using these systems with STLY information. 4. How can this information be used for competitive advantage? d. This was answered a little bit in the previous question; however these systems can help us create reports to aid in the gain of more customers. With more customers we receive a larger portion of the business which could make us the leader. 5. How can this information are used for financial advantage. e. This was also answered a little bit, however by being able to see what the competition is selling their rooms at it helps us to position ourselves in to the best money making opportunities, same with using the same information from the previous year. In turn this gives us the best opportunity at making financial growth. 6. As a hotel manager, how does this information help show the full picture of a property? f. When I think of full picture of a property I think of financial standing, employees standing, and customer standing. With the ability to create reports that show us information such as...
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