Qnt 351 Data Collection

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Data Collection

Data is a collection of facts that can be measured or translated. Data may consist of words, numbers, observations, descriptions of things, and measurements. Data may be qualitative or quantitative. “Qualitative data is descriptive information that describes something. Quantitative data is continuous measurements of numerical information” (Lind, Marchal, & Wathen, 2011, p. 9). Data can be collected in many ways but the simplest way is direct observation. Understanding data analysis helps people to make an informed decision.

Team A has been tasked with analyzing the Excel data set of freshmen’s weight both before and after their first semester at a leading state university. The freshmen lived in either an on-campus dorm (O), or a private off-campus dorm managed by DormsRUs (D), who claims their students have a healthier lifestyle. After carefully reviewing the clean data, which includes the subjects, on and off campus dorms, initial and final weight, and gender, two research questions was presented. How many female students lost weight during their freshmen year? How many male students lost weight during their freshmen year? Six is the number of female students who lost weight during their freshmen year. The number of male students who lost weight during their freshman year is 10. This would be of interest to DormsRUs management as well as incoming students because only one of the students who lost weight lived in an on-campus dorm. The most interesting research question concerning the topic but cannot be answered through this data set is, “What is the activity level of the students who participated in this study?” If Team A had to redesign this study, the team came to a consensus that the activity level of the students would be collected.

In identifying the target population, we have to survey the freshmen at this leading university before the beginning of the first semester until the end of the semester. In this survey the...
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