Training Project

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Project objectives
Companies are a team of working people with a common goal, the success or failure of the company depends on a big part of the talent of the team. This is why for every new employee that comes into the company it is very important to assure that he or she has all the tools and knowledge necessary to develop and perform correctly his or her job. Capacitating personnel is a systematic activity, that is planned and whose general purpose is to prepare, develop and bring together all the human resources to the production process, through the process of sharing the knowledge, ability development and the necessary attitudes for the best performance of all the workers on their actual and future positions and to easily adapt to the expectations of the changing environment.

It is a company’s responsibility to teach and train each and every new employee that joins the work force. Training workers is an important and fundamental tool for the administration of human resources, it offers the possibility of becoming a more efficient business, allowing at the same time to all workers to adapt and take care of all the new circumstances that are presented inside and outside of the organization. Training provides employees the opportunity to acquire new aptitudes, knowledge and abilities that improve their competition to perform with success on their job. It results to be an important motivating tool. There are several main points inside a training program, but first you must determine your weak points and use them as ideas of what your workers must be train to do or what they need to develop to become more efficient inside the company. Now that the problems have been detected you must select the correct and most beneficial training programs that will help your employees gain the necessary knowledge to perform certain tasks inside the company. Once the learned concepts were put into practice and measuring progress reflects positive results, we can determine how effective the training was provided. When a course does not have the expected impact, it may be because this was not well-managed or not detected properly by the training needs. Also It is stated in the “ley federal del trabajo” that training and knowledge development of the employees is a must inside a company. Article 153-A. - Every worker has the right to have your employer provide training or training at work that will raise their standard of living and productivity, according to the plans and programs formulated, by mutual agreement by the employer and the union or its employees and approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. In conclusion the objective of this project is to learn how companies train and offer their workers training courses, seminaries, conventions or workshops to improve their working skills and abilities and use them as an advantage to perform at its best level possible inside the company as well as in the decision making not only just for a certain job purpose but for a better life standard.

Company Overview
The Company Hot Stuff founded in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon offers containers with a topper style. The container’s purpose is not only to store food, but also to heat the content whenever the user needs to. The product is a rectangle or circle shape container that heats with a rechargeable energy that can be used without needing any source of power once it is charged. Hot Stuff has clients of all ages, since it is easy to use and it can go anywhere they go. Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School, University and even College students can use it to go to school, take their food in their lunch box and when its lunch time they can heat it easily and have their food hot and ready to eat in minutes. Grown-ups can also use it to go to work or when going on a long drive you don’t have to stop at a gas station to heat your food, also camping trips. Hot Stuff as our slogan describes our product is, ¨ Easy to Use, Easy to...
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