Traffic Management N Mumbai

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  • Published: January 10, 2011
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Traffic Management is a very serious issue today. Traffic in Mumbai especially is seen as a major drawback for the city. Everyone belonging to this city of dreams has at some point in their life faced a traffic snarl which has made them wish they lived anywhere else. The core reason for traffic is the buildup of several problems being neglected over the years. This includes, over population, bad infrastructure, lack of education, uncontrolled reckless driving etc. I personally feel that using a car for a single person is a luxury if the same car is used for 5 persons travelling, it makes sense. We have n number of people coming to the same area in their own cars without any accomplices. So, it makes sense to club the people and use just one car then, they might take turns to commute. Owning a car is an expensive affair but, government does receive revenue from it. If people stopped buying cars, it would be a big blow to government's income plus, during peak office times, no matter how much ever we try, you would see the crowd in the public transport. In regards to everyone's interests, every corporate should have overlapping working hours so that commuting becomes easier. Traffic management means managing the movement of vehicles, both inbound and outbound. Traffic management, therefore, involves the responsibility of managing the traffic so that flow of goods and services are smooth. This is achieved by routing the vehicles in such a way that the cost is minimized and there is maximum hassle free transport.

Mumbai Traffic Police and their responsibilities
The Mumbai traffic police is responsible for the smooth flowing of traffic in Mumbai city. Their mission statement is “Smooth flowing Traffic, Reduction in accidents, Effective enforcement of traffic regulations especially with the help of additional fully self contained enforcement vehicles and Inculcating a sense of discipline amongst road users through traffic education combined with...
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