Sustainable Transport Leicester

Topics: Public transport, Bus, Public transport bus service Pages: 3 (582 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Chosen city: Leicester
- Current problems
- Research
- Explain using Microsoft Word

-Research current forms of transport
-Research future projections/ideas for sustainable transport -Your own opinion

The world is becoming increasing populated and cities are beginning to grow at a very fast rate. Governments will need to come up with a suitable transport plan for the citizens. More people will result in more transport and the majority of people travel by car, this poses two problems – road congestion and pollution.

Current Transport Problems in Leicester:
Leicester has increasing problems with congestion in central parts of the city and rising pollution rates but the main concern is public transport overall. A survey carried out for company bosses said that a third of the employees said that they find it hard to park in the city centre and in the county. Another 30% said it was down to lack of public transport information the in the area. Ian Borley, LBV chairman and senior partner at KPMG, in Leicester, said “findings showed transport problems in the city and county were not just caused by congestion. There also needs to be more done to provide businesses with public transport information and things like busses and park and ride provided for longer hours.

Another issue with transport in Leicester is quality of public transport for example badly cleaned buses and lack of seats on at the stations.

Current Forms of Transport in Leicester:
Leicester is developing city and transport is key to sustain their future. At the moment Leicester has a lot of transport which includes: • Cars
• Buses
• Railway
• Walking
• Motorbike
• Coaches
• Bikes
• Airplane

Future Projections/Ideas for Sustainable Transport in Leicester:

Overall Leicester’s local plans provide a policy framework for transport issues which meets the following aims: • To promote integrated transport...
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