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  • Published: October 16, 2013
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The rapid growth of India’s urban population has put enormous strains on all transport systems. Burgeoning travel demand far exceeds the limited supply of transport infrastructure and services. Public transport, in particular, has been completely overwhelmed. Most bus and train services are overcrowded, undependable, slow, inconvenient, uncoordinated and dangerous. Moreover, the public ownership and operation of most public transport services has greatly reduced productivity and inflated costs. India’s cities desperately need improved and expanded public transport service. Unfortunately, less government financial assistance and the complete lack of any supportive policies, such as traffic priority for buses, place public transport in an almost impossible situation. That’s why people preferring private transport facility over pubic for their convenience and safety purposes.

Urbanization has been one of the dominant contemporary processes as a growing share of the global population lives in cities. Urban transport mainly consists of those modes and means of transportation forming part of the city circulation system as well as those which provide the city with external links, forming an integral part of the entire system of urban circulation. Urban transportation issues are of foremost importance to support the passengers and freight mobility requirements of large urban cities. Urban transportation is an important dimension of cities notably in high density areas. Development of cheap and efficient means of urban transport is necessary to for the progress of large cities in developing country like India. Need for better urban transport systems in general and the need for a healthier environment has led to an increased level of research around the world. Urban transport in Indian cities is heterogeneous, reflecting the heterogeneity in the socio-economic and land use patterns. It is dominated by walking trips, non-motorized modes such...
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