The Role of a Manager Within the Functional Areas of Business

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  • Published : August 29, 2013
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A master’s degree in business administration will help me to grasp the complex relationship between the public and private sectors of the US economy, and will help me to build my communication skills, confidence, and professionalism. A master’s degree is especially valuable among local and state government departments, since a bachelor’s degree does not always meet the qualification standards of local and state government jobs. This degree will help me understand each department of business and what roles managers play in each department.  All business will carry out each functions but not every business will have a separate department that is responsible for each function. All businesses need to be well organized to achieve their aims and objectives. Certain tasks, or functions, must be done regularly and these are usually grouped into specific types of activities. It is all depends on the size of organizations.  Leading people is usually part of what a manager does, but the manager is also responsible for leadership over a segment of work, a sub-section of the organization’s results or a functional are of business. The manager is an employee who is responsible to plan, direct and oversee the operations and fiscal health of business unit, division, department, or an operating unit within an organization. The manager is responsible for overseeing and leading the work of group of people. The manager is responsible of planning and maintains work systems, procedures, and policies that enables and encourage the optimum performance of its people and other resources within a business unit. A task from start to finish, in the modern workplace there is much more emphasis on ensuring a task is completed as efficiently as possible with little or no downtime between projects.    When looking at what a project manager’s role would be, it is easiest to look at practical examples. Some businesses have broken down their operations into sub-units or groups. Project management...
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