Mgt 330 Management Leadership Paper

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Management and Leadership
Michael Varela
MGT/330 Theory, Practice, and Application
February 15, 2010
Perry Martin

We are not inborn with the leadership trait. The function of leadership is to make the business a success. It is not the exclusively the playing field of senior managers. Managers and employees alike are required to be the bridge between the customer and the vision of Wells Fargo. Leadership is the act of sharing and communicating a vision of the future and the motivation of others to believe in, and align with that vision. Leaders are accountable for failures as well as manager. They give others the opportunity to be responsible. A first-rate leader will inspire a group to be self-reliant. A leader inspires a group to be sure of their selves. A leader will set a vision or direction for a group that follows. A leader is in the forefront for innovative ideas. Whereas the manager controls or directs people in groups in accordance to principles and values that have already been established the leaders of the organization. The difference between leadership and management can be illustrated by considering what happens when you have one without the other. Are they dependant of one another or can each be self-sustaining without the need of the counterpart?

Differences Between Management and Leadership

Before appointing a leader and manager into a corporation, each title must be classified to set expectations, specific duties, and roles. Without a clear definition of the each title and their position in the company the role of manager and leader may become indistinguishable. While leadership is frequently related with people in management positions, it should be noted that the titles are not necessarily one and the same. With the manager position come the duties of planning and overseeing group day-to-day activities. Most managers’ primary function is to focus on the bottom line, which means being in command of accomplishing the predetermined short terms goals. One the other hand, the leader position carries the role of inspiring, motivating, providing assurance to all within the company. Leadership has been described as having the ability to influence others to attain an objective. A leader can guide the group in a way to make the non-tangible goal become visible. Leadership can be as a process of leading people in the true direction, in order to achieve goals. Leaders apply leadership attributes such as knowledge, skills, values, and to implement this process in any organization.

A dictator, for example, does not possess leadership qualities. Anyone can demand a task to be carried out by the lower ranks, but the quality of the job can be compromised if the task is resentfully being done. Just because one holds the title of the “boss”, that does not imply you will have leadership traits. A true leader makes the followers want to reach goals. Consequently, leadership can be suitably defined as a practice that encourages the supporters to realize their goals.

Roles and Responsibilities

Wells Fargo managers and leaders have different responsibilities in regards to maintaining a healthy organizational culture. The leader sets the expectations of the employees, which are to be carried out by management’s role. Management has the responsibility of making sure that the ongoing performances and goals are effectively and efficiently met. Management must set goals, monitor employee's achievement of goals, and share criticism with the employee by way of evaluating the employee's performance, and rewarding performance. This stimulates a healthy work environment and ethics in the bank and any other company.

When in search of improvements that are performance based, it's especially helpful to habitually conduct assessments of the current performance of the individuals and management....
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