Uus 101 Intro to University Studies Course Reflection Paper

Topics: Academic degree, Education, Bachelor's degree Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: September 8, 2013
There are several long term results to completing a degree in higher education. The biggest result would be how I feel about myself and my accomplishment. There is so much value of having a college education. In this day and age it is very hard for someone to get a job. If you do not finish high school then you could end up with nothing but a job at McDonalds or some type of minimum wage job. I know that once I have finished my Associates Degree I will be able to get into an entry level position. This will afford me to be able to make more than minimum wage and be able to support myself. In order for me to be able to support a family and have and make the money that I want to I will have to go for my bachelors degree.

Once I get my bachelors degree I will be able to advance in my field. Information Management is a very competative career field. In order for me to get ahead and make the top dollar I will have to have a degree in higher education. Being able to move up to the top in the Information Management I will eventually have to get my Master's degree. In doing so there are so many advantages in having all these degrees. I feel that basically, I will be able to set myself up to have a very prestine career that will provide tremendous rewards.

Along with all this higher education comes a multitude of debt in student loans. As long as I or anyone puts their minds to what they want out of life this should not be a problem. With the education does come student loan debt, but with the pay they will be manageable. Also if you do not take out more than you need to then the payment amount will not be as high. Having student loans will be the downfall of higher education. In order to make this not be a bad thing on getting the education a person will have to make certain they have a job that is able to make these payments.

In this course I have learned about goal setting. In goal setting I have learned to set small goals so that I can complete them. I also...
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