Financing College Critique

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Financing College Critique

Financing college is of the more difficult decisions one will make in life, even though, for some, such is one of the easiest. Seemingly stable, federal funds are, in actuality, a better option opposed to private loans. One must not forget, as with private loans, the financial obligation thereafter the differed period has ended, however. Another option, for qualifying persons, is federal issued grants; which should be one’s initial choice in financing college, after all applicable scholarships considered. Federal funding can be of positive thinking, in allowance of attending college without financial fear and for maintain financial stability when needed. Thinking of this can lead to better grades which can in return possibly lower interest rates and also be a source of education in personal finances. For me, federal funding has helped me better my financial control and taught me how to better make use of money. There is also credit to consider; most do not have any realistic credit when first starting college, federal funding can help in defining ones’ personal credit score. It is wise to consider personal standing when opting to take on Federal funding. By this, I mean to think of financial stability during college as well as after college. All loan types, of Federal funding, are with interest. Although interest is typically differed for 6 months after the end of ones’ attendance; interest is still interest, and such can add up quickly resulting in debt. Whether it be of undergraduate study or of graduate, debt can become debilitating. Aside the living expenses, having to pay on student loans can break ones’ monthly income. The average accumulated debt for an undergraduate student, in study at an educational institution of 4, 2 and
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