Free Tuition for College Students

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Free Tuition for College Students

Gabriela Mendoza

English 091 7:15

March 25, 2013

Free Tuition for College Students
United States has been in a recession for quite some time now. College students need assistance during these hard times. Estrella Mountain Community College students are asking government to lend a helping hand with college expenses. EMCC students believe education should be paid for if students are able to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Their reasoning exemplifies that good work ethic should be rewarded. In the year 2011, “College seniors graduated with an average of nearly $27,000 in student loan debt”, and the amount of debt has only continued to rise then (Ellis). Students that are able to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher should have tuition paid for in full by the government because it would decrease debt and loan amounts and will allow more people the opportunity at a higher education. Today’s society believes that the government lends out a lot of money to college students that do not even wind up finishing college. If students default on loans and are not able to pay them back then the government lent the money out for no reason at all. According to an article posted by CNN, the percentage of borrowers who defaulted on their federal student loans within two years of their first payment jumped to 9.1 percent in the fiscal year of 2011 from an 8.8 percent the previous year (Ellis). “This represents 375,000 of the more than 4.1 million borrowers who were required to start making payments on their student loans in the 12 months prior to October 2010 and defaulted before September 2011” (Cunningham 44). Education paid for by the government for students that earn it would be money better spent. EMCC students agree that it would make more sense for the government to pay for education expenses for students that deserve it, rather than just lending out loans to students that will possibly default...
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