Personal Statement for Mba

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To excel in the dynamic and challenging business world of today, one has to be equipped with not only business knowledge and experience, but also possess knowledge of international markets, team-building and leadership skills and excellent communication skills. Today’s business requires not just balancing the books; it is about the investment and the management of assets, people, opportunities and risk. Coming from a background of a small family business and helping in it during my spare time, I learnt some of the essential business skills at an early age. This has inspired me to learn more about business management and marketing. I enrolled for BBA (Hon) at Bahauddin Zakariya University and this 4 year degree programme not only equipped me with fundamentals of business management, marketing and finance, but also fuelled my passion to acquire further knowledge, experience and skills in an international environment. Hence, I decided to apply for an MBA at The Manchester Metropolitan University. My relevant degree (BBA Hon.), feedback from teachers, mentors, employers and clients, and personal motivation and dedication give me the confidence that I will succeed in master programme and undoubtedly this course will provide me a deeper insight into theory and practice of business management, putting theories into practice, learning and practicing management in an international environment and refining communication and inter-personal skills. I have chosen United Kingdom for my further education because of the international reputation of the university education system in UK and due to the fact that English is the language for international trade and business. The decision to choose The Manchester Metropolitan University is based on University’s repute at affordable cost. The Manchester Metropolitan University has good reputation due to its vast international student’s community in UK and Manchester is a beautiful place and worth of living for a sports lover. Apart...
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