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  • Published : October 29, 2013
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I have entered Empire State College with the intention to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, Management and Economics with a Concentration in Business Administration. By earning this degree, I hope to open new avenues in order to advance in my line of work. I currently work in Financial Aid at a SUNY school as a Calculations Clerk. I work with students on an everyday basis, either face to face or over the phone, but only in a general question answering manner.

With the B.S. degree, I would be able to apply to become a Financial Aid Advisor within the department. This is where I would be able to develop a personal relationship with the students that would be assigned to my caseload. I would help students establish the funding and give them a sense of security so they wouldn’t have to worry about how they were going to pay for their education. The courses that I take will help me to excel in my social skills. They will teach me how to communicate effectively in order to do my job efficiently. The business related courses will enable me to handle my job in stride by showing the different scenarios that may occur in a workplace. Although, not every scenario can be deciphered, it will give me some motivation on how to handle these certain situations. I will be able to handle situations not only with fellow colleagues, but the business as a whole. I will also learn better organizational skills. This will allow me to keep files, paper work and anything necessary in order to do my job in a fashion that I will be able to find it at the drop of a dime. Organization also enables a person to be able to multi-task, which is needed in Financial Aid because it is a necessity to a student yearly. I hope to be prepared to meet the challenges of a the everyday workforce along the changing global marketplace. I will hope to know and be able to analyze more with the national and world economy in the business world. The degree will also...
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