The Role of Leadership in Change Management

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1. Introduction:
The Role of Leadership in Change Management
The unwanted change in almost any condition, mainly the downsizing, needs the most important quality of leading the way out and rise above; The quality of leadership. The literature suggests that the change is the derivative of the opinion that employees have of the higher management and their potential to lead. If a person has to lead effectively to change the situation, there are three major time frames where leadership is significant. Get ready for the journey, struggle through the swamp and the post arrival are the three mentioned important time frames. (Bacal, 2012) 1.1 The Role of Leadership

The difference between an employee and the leader is the perspective of the employee towards the formal leader of the company in the time of sudden change. The employee will look forward towards the leader with the abilities to swing through the change and come back to the normal position where the organization is stable. The most expected qualities by the employees in their leader are successful and rational plan, certain and efficient decision-making and usual, total contact that is well-timed. Apart from all the above skills, the employee will look at the leader for the support needed and the feeling that the leader is concerned about them and their well being. All this comes with a great responsibility for the leadership. The art of handling and making tough decisions is the most important quality a leader should posses. The summery would be that there is a bond between the team and the leader, the bond of trust. This bond of trust is the link between the present and the hope of a better future of the team and the organization; the stronger the bond the easier to cope with the tough decisions. An inappropriate leadership in any organization gives the stale look to the trust in the people, the bond of trust between the employee and the poor leader turns into distrust. This unrest in the organization gives the look in the future of the organization and its employees. The continuity of bad leadership, as discussed, not only leaves the trust jeopardize but the company and its welfare also. For an organization to rise up in the time of unrest the important thing is to deal with the shock of distasteful change. But if the leadership of the company is not good in its place then the giving up of employees and the loss of faith from the system running the organization, will not only hinder the growth but also will increase the chances of failure. The key to conquer and rise is a stable leadership. Prepare For the Journey

Getting ready for the journey only subsequent to the objective defined or chosen would be a fault. Preparing for the journey for change, we talk concerning leadership for a better foundation for the future. Before that the most important factor would be the healthy organization. Similar to a human being immune to diseases, an organization immune to change can survive a drastic change if occurred. So the main thing to be concerned is to get the organization strong enough to withstand the change. As a leader the track record and your credibility is of most importance to establish the trust for decision making. Slogging Through the Swamp

A critical role is played by the leaders throughout the change accomplishment process, the time commencing the declaration of change all the way through the installation of the change. During this period the organization is very vulnerable and unstable by the confusion created and reduced productivity. It is a period of emotional turmoil, with human resources inconsolable for the loss and uncertain future. Successful leaders require their spotlight on two things through this period. First, the reassurance of the successful outcome from the situation to the employees and secondly, helping the workforce to get through the change and assure the bond of trust. Making the new vision center of attention only may effect in the...
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