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Interview Paper

Leadership Qualities


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November 29, 2007

Interview Paper 2
Interview Paper: Leadership
Interview 1(A): Director-general manager for the entire SR department. Parameters include the call center, imaging, lost securities, proxy, dividends, and tax services. Interview 2(B): -Operations Manager-manages the supervisors and help desk staff. Synopsis (C)

Question 1: What is your definition of leadership?
A.Leadership, to me, is defined by the vision of the leader. It is strategic and comes from within. I feel leadership and management are not one in the same. A leader looks to instill values and to promote a vision. Their values are directed towards the team and the goal is to lead by example. A manager does need to possess at least some of the crucial leadership qualities; however, management can be learned whereas I don't feel leadership can be taught. B.A leader must be able and willing to partner up on tasks; they must support the team and provide guidance. A superior leader is available and approachable. A leader should be seen as someone people can turn to and trust. They would assist the team in meeting their goals and objectives while promoting the employees' career. C.Our textbook defines leadership as "leadership occurs whenever one person attempts to influence the behavior of an individual or a group, regardless of reason. It may be for one's own goals or for the goals of others, and these goals may or may not be congruent with organizational goals" (Hersey, Blanchard & Interview Paper 3

D.Johnson, 2008, p. 6). Both of the women I interviewed recognize the definition of leadership and implement it in their daily work. Each woman seeks to promote a better professional environment using their leadership position as effectively as possible. Question 2: What is your philosophy on leadership?

A.I believe leadership is made up of several components. The core components include having a vision for your team, the desire to learn and grow, and finally a leader must be accessible and unbiased to most effectively conduct a project. There are many subsets to my philosophy on leadership; however, the core pieces are very important and primarily what I focus on. B.My philosophy is that leadership is collaborative—we must all work together to achieve the common goals of the company. I allow people to make mistakes so they can use those mistakes as a learning tool; however, I also want to share in their learning process and successes. A leader must inspire their team. C.Many times the leadership philosophy is hastily prepared. Quite often, leaders are demanding jobs until they assume new positions. They do not have the luxury of time for genuine reflection about their personal leadership philosophy. Most write some peripheral thoughts about leadership, beliefs and personal philosophy. They then discuss it with immediate subordinates and send their philosophy to elements within the organization. Both women interviewed embrace the necessity of the team and the importance of taking the time to reflect and review on a project. Question 3: What is your leadership style?

Interview Paper 4
A.My style is to take the goals and objectives of the business and engage my team to work together to meet those targets. I define the vision. I do not follow a clear-cut style. There needs to be flexibility within the group to change and adapt as needed. B.I am definitely a casual leader. I do not micro-manage and I purposely step back to allow people to do their job. I believe in giving my employees or team members as many opportunities as possible. An employee must be given the chance to shine in order to be considered for future promotions, etc. I am extremely good at delegating tasks. I encourage independence and have found people work better when they are given freedom. The one request I am adamant about...
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