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In this article we will discuss the details of different styles about leadership and delegation, also how to motivate his team leader, why people combat change, how can a leader changes and upholding cases in institutions.

Before you leap to all of what above and this is the key to understanding what the leadership is, if you define the leadership in every sense then the rest will follow.

Leader means that being capacity to doing something with the talent and skill. Talent is the ability by nature itself, while skill is gain through training and experience. From zero and became the people at the leadership level of the great leaders through experience, training and design.

As per the leadership is an adaptive, the leader has to constable above many change, if leader not able to make alteration will fail in their way. Leader is always sets with a around the situation and people. It is his duty to develop successfully mainly. Often acknowledged the leadership of a one of individual.

L.O. 3.1

benefits of team working

Means that the team is to work collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve the goal. Teamwork is often an essential part of a business organization, as it is often necessary for colleagues to work together well, and trying their best in any conditions.

Teamwork means that of cooperation between the people and using their individual skills and provide a constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict between individuals.

I will discuss the benefits of team work in my organization.


While the team is working to solve problems, and the benefit of the ideas and different viewpoints. That change often leads to creative solutions. Thinking sessions revealed ideas and answers that you may not have occurred otherwise.

Another benefit of teamwork is the speed of project completion for an organisation. Duties can be shared and get done quicker. Very large tasks can be broken up among team members and are less daunting.

Teamwork encourages a greater commitment to quality in the organisation. Team members have more sway encouraging each other than a single manager dictating the work. Morale

When the employees of an organisation work on teams, they tend to feel like they're really part of the process and take ownership of it. Improved morale results, and that in turn leads to less turnover.

Synergy occurs when forces combine and the result is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Teamwork enhances synergy, and the result is greater efficiency and a more positive end result.

An Approach to Leadership

The most effective approach is often transformational leadership style in business. This style will motivate the people with shared vision for the future with integrity. This will set the clear goal and inspire the people to them. Their communication and managing in delivery will be intact with the team.

As the leadership is not the one size fits all so you have to adapt the style which will fit with the situation or with a different group. So it is always helpful to understand different leadership style. As you will be familiar with different style of leadership you will have more tools to lead the team effectively.

So let us discuss in depth at few of the leadership styles that will use of it. 1. Transactional Leadership

2. Behavioral Theories
3. Autocratic Leadership
4. Bureaucratic Leadership
5. Charismatic Leadership
6. Democratic/Participative Leadership
7. Laissez-Faire Leadership
8. Task-Oriented Leadership
9. People-Oriented/Relations-Oriented Leadership
10. Servant Leadership
11. Transformational Leadership

Autocratic leadership, in other name known as authoritarian leadership, in this style of leadership is differentiate by most of the control on the decision will be handle by a individual with less input from the group. This type of leader will follow his...
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