Why Teams Reach Goals Better Than Individuals

Topics: Team, Organization Pages: 10 (2850 words) Published: September 18, 2010
Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. Team and Types of Teams

3. Advantages of Teams in organisation

4. Team Effectiveness

4.1 Organisational & Team Environments

4.2 Team Design Elements

4. 3 Team Processes

5. Self Directed and Virtual Teams

6 Disadvantages of Team work used in organisation

7 Conclusion

1 Introduction

The initial part of this report consist the definition of a Team and the different kinds of teams found in organisations. Next the advantage of a team’s followed by the several models and theories on how to accomplish team effectiveness would be discussed. Finally the conclusion will be on the drawbacks of the team work based tasks in organisations, and the mechanisms to improve and minimize the disadvantages. Thus all these theories and issues will be supported by practical examples to affirm that people working in teams always achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively than people working alone.

2 Team and Types of Teams

Team means when two or more people are formed to achieve or accomplish a specific goal by coordinating and working interdependently with each other. In the world of sports for example if its hockey, football or basketball shooting the ball to the goal, but in organisations the goal becomes a target such as meeting the customer needs or accomplishing software project. However in an organisation teams are created for long and short interactions. - M Heathfield 2008 para.1. However the American founder of Ford Motor Company also believe that “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” (” http://thinkexist.com/quotes/henry_ford/ ) which manifests the concept of team work in organisations has been utilised from a long ago. Presently number of local and international organisations such as Erogan Energy Queensland, Royal Dutch Shell, Coca-Cola Amatil uses the team work concept. (Mc Shane, Olekalns & Travalione 2010,p.299,310& 315)

However depending on the tasks, function, type, practices, knowledge and organisational rationales there are various kinds of teams in organisations. Employees who contains similar skills and has parallel task who are located in the same office are identified as Departmental Teams, for example in an apparel manufacturing environment the production and the quality checking sections are located together as the two functions are interdependent. Advisory Teams are formed to make recommendations for an organisations resolutions these teams can be formed temporary or permanently for example if an company needs to implement ISO standard initially there would have to be an advisory team which is normally formed by managers of each departments , overall ISO officer and an ISO consultant externally. This team’s task would be to establish the company practices to obtain the ISO standard within a period of time. Once the organisation obtains the Certification the main task of this team ceases. Further Leadership Teams, Task Force Teams, Skunkworks, Self Directed Teams and Virtual Teams are some more examples. (Mc Shane, Olekalns & Travaglione 2010,p.301)

3 Advantages of Teams in organisation

According to the recent research shows that most of the companies are emphasising on team work based environments in organisations. Further Mc Shane, Olekalns & Travaglione states that out 1760 professional almost 86 percent agreed that working in a team is more successful for a business. (2010,p.303) It is stated that in most organisation working in teams provide enhanced accuracy, quality output and services. When employees are working together as a team they are more motivated than working alone. This is because they are more closely monitored by their own team members than their supervisor therefore all members put their maximum effort to do the task. For example in apparel manufacturing environment the machine operators which belonging to one single line are designed to...
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