Improving a Teams Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance

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Improving a Teams Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance. LDR/531

Improving a Teams Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance
Team collaboration is a challenge organizations encounter because of varies personalities, cultures, and beliefs. According to Web Finance, Inc. (2012), a team is defined as “a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.” A team is structured in an organization, usually separated into different teams to fulfill the desired goal or mission. Some people may believe a team or group is the same; however, they both are entirely two different entities in its entirety. For example, a group of people may not have the same objectives in mind, but a team is on the same page in regard to meeting the proposed objectives. Team member are willing to plan strategically to achieve the desired goals and investigate better solutions. Forming a team facilitates better decision-making, desired productively, and improves employee values. Team benefits

Some of the benefits of developing a team is it allow the exchange of ideas. A team member is allowed to use his or her critical thinking skills, and conflict resolution skills. In addition, each team members is allowed to communicate, expressing ideas to assist in the decision-making. Conflicts will arise when team member address their thoughts. Having a positive conflict may be helpful in meeting the objective needs. On the other hand, negative conflict is the opposite. Negative conflict can be a waste of time, and lead to more problems and no objectives met. Negative conflict can lead to teams splitting up, allowing unhealthy competition in the workforce.

Motivation, satisfaction, and performance
A plan to increase a team’s motivation, satisfaction, and performance is keen to a successful organization. A team might start losing interest when the job tasks are repetitive. As a supervisor, it is important to remind the team why their...
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