Managing Leadership and Sexism at the Workplace: Personal View

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  • Published : October 8, 2010
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Culture and Individual Personality:
The ability to know, identify and solve group problems.

Adeola Ajepe

Management 615, Session 1131
Professor Edgar Noumair, PhD
September 22, 2010

The ability to know, identify and solve group problems.
Leadership to me means being competent, hardworking and compassionate, but alongside this are some extra work of a leader and that is to be able to know when there is problem, how to identify the problem and how to solve the problem (keep in mind that to solve a problem has to be permanent, and not a temporary solution). This being said, I as the leader of this team know that there is a problem with two of my teammates, and it is my job to identify the problem. The problem has also been identified and that is the issue between Shahid and Harpreet not being able to work together. Harpreet complained that Shahid would not listen to her and because he is a Muslim, he has been deliberately undermining her and does not respect her because she is a woman. As a leader, I believe this is the issue of cultural and religion difference and also individual personality. As a leader, I would tackle this issue with ease and understanding from both sides. Being an African, I can understand both of them when it comes to the culture and religion differences, and because I can relate, I would not impose authoritative command on both of them as of right now. I would call both of them to my office and allow them to explain themselves to me on what is bothering them and why they cannot work together. I just do not want to be a leader that thinks all about the work ahead, although it was noted that the project is due in 30 days, but as a leader, I would rather have a close to perfect project and late, rather than have early project and nonsense information. I would...
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