Nursing Management

Topics: Management, Leadership, Teamwork Pages: 7 (2217 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Appropriate Nursing Management in a Hospital Unit
Mariamma Thazhavana
American Sentinel University
Appropriate Nursing Management in a Hospital Unit
The purpose of this paper is to judge the power used by the nurse manager in the given scenario, evaluate the detrimental behaviors identified in the case and the consequences of strong negative leadership, value behaviors that contribute to optimal team functioning, formulate action plan for the manager, and to measure the observations that should be used to monitor her performances. The expectation set up on a nurse manager is to coordinate levels of employees and facilitate services for patients. She is to direct the workforce and available resources within the existing structure to accomplish the mission of the organization (Grohar- Murray&Langan, 2011). In the given case, the nurse manager deviates from this goal by misleading the team.

The Power Used by Mrs. Jackson in Her Unit

This scenario demonstrates the poor managing methods of the nurse manager, Mrs. Jackson; she takes advantage of her authority which she could have used in a constructive way for the benefits of the organization she works for, for the benefits of the employees she works with, and for the benefits of the patients who depend on her care. She deviated from the goals and created a negative and hostile atmosphere in her unit. Her negativity flawed the amicable working atmosphere of the unit. This type of management would never succeed; the organization would never prosper. Peter F. Ducker, who is known as the creator and inventor of modern management, states that the “workers should be treated as assets, not as liabilities to be eliminated,” (Grohar- Murray&Langan, 2011, p. 141). Mrs. Jackson used coercive power in her unit, using fear to guarantee obedience from subordinates (Grohar- Murray&Langan, 2011). She threatens the staff with her superior power by publicly degrading and demeaning them with the expectation that they would obey her. This is a form of negative and soft power where a person forces others to do something without their approval. This type of power is not encouraged in an organizational setting because it is not the best way to lead subordinates (Keith, 2010). Detrimental Behaviors Identified in the Unit

In this setting, the behavior of the manager influenced the behavior of the employees. Her attitude shows no respect to her subordinates and she publicly mortifies and puts them down by using a superior stance on others. She also shows favoritism which is intolerable. She must treat all the employees equally and must appreciate the knowledge and hard work of the employees. But instead of encouraging and treating the employees equally, she creates division among them and separates out people according to her personal judgments. By doing this, the manager goes against the mission of the organization. The nurse manager’s goals and objectives for a specific unit have to be in accordant with the organization’s goals and objectives. The manager has to direct the workforce and the available resources within the existing structure to reach the goal of the organization (Grohar- Murray&Langan, 2011). But the behavior of Mrs. Jackson would not help the organization to reach its goal; rather it would lead the organization to lose all the set goals.

The attitude of the employees lack cooperation that should exist within a unit, and as a result they fall short of effective teamwork. Mrs. Jackson failed to create a team spirit among the employees. Teamwork helps to achieve seemingly unachievable results in one’s life. Having the feeling of belonging to a team drives people forward to work at their extreme to reach the goal. In this scenario, the staff does not care for each other; they have become selfish and unwilling to support each other. “Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than you. It has a lot...
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