The New I3 Phone System

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The New I3 Phone System
One frequently asked question in business today that is least answered is, as stated by David Chaudron, PhD (2003), “What can we do to make our business flourish, survive and grow?” With the rapid changes in technology and the rise in the globalization of markets, we must have a game plan in place for adjusting to these changes. It has become increasingly difficult to predict what is going to happen, and there are thousands of obstacles and opportunities along the way. To add to the confusion, there are thousands of products, solutions and methods for dealing with these changes. With many brands, sizes and varieties it is very difficult to choose what is best for your organization. Add to that, what if it is the wrong choice? Some probably would opt not to make any decision at all for fear of making the wrong decision. Although, it may not be easy to change due to a certain comfort level with the current organizational culture which has grown over a period of time. The fact is that sometimes organizational culture needs to change to support the organization's success and progress.

Shaw Industries was facing such a challenge to change due to issues with the current phone system, Nortel, and a decision about a major change in the system. This decision would also result in some major organizational changes as well. The Nortel phone system is based on old digital technology and is quite antiquated. The system was causing switchboards to fail and was limited in its ability to integrate with newer sales and customer service software. On top of that, Nortel was involved in filing for bankruptcy and was in the process of having mediation concerning the liquidation of their assets. This development would have most definitely presented an unstable relationship for Shaw going forward. Furthermore, it would have given Shaw no assurances of continued support or new program integrations. In addition, they had been purchased by Avia Phone which was requiring a costly full system upgrade from the older Nortel phone system to continue support. With these factors to consider, to continue with the current system would have made for an inefficient organizational performance outcome.

We must be good stewards of all the things God has given us. 1 Corinthians 4:2 says, “Moreover, it is [essentially] required of stewards that a man should be found faithful [proving himself worthy of trust] (The Amplified Bible, 1965).” If we are a follower of Christ, we are also to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with, in our workplace. If we are using equipment that is outdated and is not meeting our customer’s service needs, then we must make a change to continue to be a good source in the marketplace. Luke 12:42 says, “And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful steward, the wise man whom his master will set over those in his household service to supply them their allowance of food at the appointed time (The Amplified Bible, 1965)?” We must make sure our employees have the necessary tools at their disposal to help further the organizations overall success. Forces For Change

The primary force for change would be technology under the external forces category. As stated previously, there were escalating issues of poor performance of the current Nortel phone system. The switchboards were constantly failing, dropping calls, or simply not allowing customers to reach our customer service or Inside Sales departments. In addition, employees had seen the need to have the ability to route calls regionally or by business rules in the current system. These constant issues are a major problem for a customer service call center, where everyone’s livelihood is dependent upon customers being able to call in with orders, or to get the service they require to operate their business effectively. Customers are more demanding, and will no longer accept poor service or low quality. Technology...
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