Learning Organizations in Any Industry

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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Learning Organizations in any Industry
Jennifer Bunt
October 22, 2012
Jascia Redwine

Learning Organizations in any Industry
As clearly stated in the article Managing Change Successfully by Eileen Brownell (Sep/Oct, 2000), “Change is inevitable.” Within every company in every industry, change exhibits growth. Without change, companies will become obsolete. With technology continually changing, organizations have restructured the inner-workings of the business. Organizations need to structure the way employees communicate and work together to achieve the underlining goals of the company.

In this article, change is relevant to making concepts into reality. If current projections hold true, technology will change every year, world knowledge will double every 900 days, an English dictionary will be outdated within two to three years, and generation gap will occur every four to five years (Brownell, 2000). Everything in the environment is changing, to survive, change must be accepted. This goes for companies as well. To accept change and make an organization successful, an organization needs to accept the idea of becoming a learning organization. The article insists that change is an opportunity toward constructive growth. Change should be accepted; moving forward not only increases growth for the company but also for the employees as well. Change in the workplace can be scary, upper-level management must allow employees to showcase their talents and share in the opportunities change has to offer.

Eileen Brownell goes on to state different techniques to ensure employee motivation and to make change more accepting. To start, treating staff as if they were customers: taking the time to appreciation the hard work and scarify each employee add to the company, enhances the motivation each employee will give toward the services he or she bring to...
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