The Main Problems That May Occur During a Business Event

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Unit five: Principles of supporting business events


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Name: Mr James Jackman

Section 1 – Understand how to support the organisation of a business event

1. When organising a business event, describe the range of support activities that may be required.

A) Arrange & Book: - a venue and time that is convenient to your audience/attendees and send out invitations to the relevant people who will be there on the day with a detailed address and contact number with the necessary details on how to get to the venue by car/road or other means of transport i.e. how far is it to walk?

B) Equipment: - Make sure that all of the equipment you have hired is in good working order and it is not dangerous in terms of causing a hazard for example a accidental electrical fire or sparking, But also check that it works in the first place as your audience will not be happy if they have come all that way just to find out nothing works if this results your audience will never choose your company again for staging the event.

C) Refreshments & meals: - If you are the one that is in charge of providing refreshments & meals then you need to have asked the people attending what is there preferences & dietary requirements are, it is no good you going to all the expenses of providing something no one will eat/drink as this is wasteful or worse be allergic to and if these foods & drinks have ingredients that people are allergic to have you pre-warned them of it so they can choose something else?

D) Emergency Evacuation & Health and safety: - When it comes to safety is the venue you have chosen easy to evacuate in the unlikely event of an emergency situation for example a fire? Where are all the fire exits located? And are they accessible to disabled people as well as the able bodied persons? Where the fire assembly point is located and is it outside the building? And do you need to run a fire drill/briefing before hand to make sure everybody knows what to do?

E) Note taking & feedback: - who is responsible for taking notes/minuets during the business event? Have you organised it so that you can get the most of this situation in terms of not forgetting anything that may be vitally important later that your guests or their perspective speakers have said about any improvements that can be utilised at a later date by your company/organization.

F) What are the items that may have been deemed as non essential may still be expected by your guests/attendees: - For instance items of stationary like pens, paper, rubbers ¬e pads or other items such as an information pack that includes freebees and a complimentary events program, or other souvenirs & how much will this set your company back in terms of finances for ordering them before the event?

G) Before you have started even to plan the event you need to consider who you can ask to give their time and effort on a voluntary basis to help you out should you come the realisation that you will need more than one person on your team to successfully pull off the business event/conference & also to help you to clear up post event so that the room is ready for the next person who has booked the venue, this is known as organizational support and this takes into account the fact that one person is not enough to get everything done in a timely and efficient fashion.

H) Have you put a committee...
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