The Effects of Mobile Phones on Life

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  • Published : April 29, 2011
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The effects of Mobile Phones on Life

Has there ever been a time when a mobile phone rang only to see 10 different people checking their phones? Mobile phones have had the largest effect on life because they have become a new way of life. Mobile phones were originally intended for staying in touch with friends and family while away from a traditional landline. The idea behind it was that it would give a person freedom of range, allowing them basically to go anywhere and still stay connected. The first mobile phones were big and bulky and their only function was placing call. Yet throughout the years they have evolved into so much more. Modern day mobile phones are capable of going beyond just placing a phone call. They now possess features including: accessing the internet, sending and receiving photos, downloading music and other files, and playing games. Other features include electronic calendars, music players and cameras. The phones equipped with all these functionalities are referred to as “smart phones.” These so-called “smart phones” can perform as many tasks as a normal home computer. Mobile phones provide its user with a feeling of safety. In case of an emergency, having a mobile phone allows help to reach someone within a reasonable amount of time. According to Keeter and Rainie (2006.), “Fully 74% of the Americans who own mobile phones say they have used their hand-held device in an emergency and gained valuable help.” (How Americans use their cell phones ¶ 1). Most parents buy mobile phones for their children as a means to keep track of them. This is possible through a global positioning system (GPS) embedded into most phones, which allows the cellular phone user to be found by way of satellite signals, in the event of loss or emergency. Although mobile phones provide its users with many benefits, it has its down sides. Mobile phones have a negative impact on personal contact. This is due to its users relying heavily on sending e-mails or...
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