Effects of Mobile Technology

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Effects of Mobile Technology

According to 2012 Mobile Growth Statistics there are over 6 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide, which accounts for 87% of the world’s population. Over the past two decades cell phones have come a long way in terms of technology. Cell phones have gone from only being able to make and receive calls to texting and surfing the internet. Millions of people feel that they can’t go a day without their cell phone being in their possession. The effects that mobile technology has on today’s population involves a variety of issues such as weakened bonds between parents and children, the health and wellness of this generation, and vehicle accidents due to cell phone usage.

The relationship between parents and their children have been affected due to the addictions that mobile technology has caused among both parties. Many parents that are involved in high demand jobs spend more time taking business calls rather than spending time with their families. Teens are also guilty of letting texting, phone calls from friends, and internet surfing- such as spending time on Facebook interfere with their relationships with parents and siblings. The bonds among families have significantly decreased compared to previous generations prior to the new advances of mobile technology causing a profound impact on society as a whole.

Health and wellness is another issue that has been a huge concern over the past 15 years in not only America, but steadily increasing in several other countries. Children that were raised during the 90’s and years before grew up playing outdoors majority of the time that they were out of school. Rarely was there ever an overweight child seen during years prior to new mobile technology. However, instead of playing outside with friends and riding bikes, kids are inside their rooms sitting being pre-occupied with their cell phone or other form of communication device. The rate of obesity among children has almost tripled between...
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