Advantages of the Smartphone

Topics: Mobile phone, Personal digital assistant, Internet Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Advantages of the Smart Phone
Blythe Oade
Baker College

Smart phones combine the versatility of cell phones, gaming consoles, PDAs, and personal computers into one handheld device. Whether people need them for personal or business use, they can find a smart phone to customize that meets their liking. “It seems America is getting hooked on the smart phone. We depend on these modern Swiss Army knives for everything from planning our schedules to checking the news, finding entertainment and managing our social network.” (Sutter, 2010). This is very true and shows that there are many advantages to having a smart phone, some of which include; staying in touch via e-mail, YouTube, Skype, the many multimedia functions, applications, and when necessary can be a portable office. The Internet functionality you typically associate with using a personal computer is now available, wirelessly, on a handheld device. While many standard cell phones allow you to check email, smart phones offer the complete Internet experience. They allow people to view and open e-mails that have attachments such as pictures or documents. Another big thing that is newer to smart phones is that capability to use Skype, which is a service that allows users to communicate across an internet connection by combining voice, video, and instant messaging. Other internet functions that are available on smart phones are that people can look up movie times to checking flight schedules. Many smart phones support GPS, using 3G or 4G connectivity. Allowing people to always know exactly where they are and the ability to find directions to any destination in moments. This eliminates one more piece of technology to be purchased. Why buy a separate GPS when it’s included on your smart phone? Smart phones allow you to download and store your entire collection of music. This allows people to listen to their music collection at any time, like while working out or even in their vehicle. This is another way of...
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