A2C Research Paper

Topics: Mobile phone, Cell site, Cellular network Pages: 45 (10171 words) Published: March 7, 2013


A Research Paper
Submitted to the Class
of Professor Eric Concepcion

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Technical Writing Subject of the
Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation


Domen, Kurt Paolo
Valdez, Aljon
Cruz, Alvin
Antonio, Jonathan
Nicolas, Christian Joseph
Lazar, Kent Cylex

March 8, 2013


Words could not express how grateful the researchers are for making their study an accomplishment that fulfills their hearts and minds. After striving for so long, they could not explain the feeling of completing their research through the help of those people who guided them to make this a successful one.

The researchers are very thankful to their thesis adviser, Professor Ma.Virginia Panisan, for sharing with them her knowledge in the conduct of research and shaping their minds to become better researchers. With all her patience and persistent advice, the researchers have learned a lot. The researchers are indeed very fortunate of having worked with her in the conduct of this study.

To the researchers’ parents who have helped them from the beginning to the end of this study, for showing their concern and understanding to them when they needed to. Their love and support to the researchers served as their best armor in struggling the hampers that challenged them in their doing thesis writing.

The researchers are also indebted to their respondents who provided the necessary information needed in the study. The time and effort that they exerted to them give these young researchers the sense of completion in communicating with them.

Above all, the researchers would be very gratified to have God as their guide. With all these things, everything happened to be possible, and because of His support, every problem that the group encountered would not be conquered. His dedicated love and assistance to them have helped them accomplish their task.


“One in ten (survey respondents) said they would rather lose their mother-in-law than their cellular phone.”

- Leger Marketing, Top 40 Cell Phones Quotes

A cellular phone, according to Banerjee (2011) serves as a source of information, communication and entertainment. Cellular phone, in a way, is one that is used to send messages, to friends and relatives. Moreover, it is a mode of exchange of ideas in the fastest possible way. A cellular phone is the wonderful tool for communication for the people both coming from near and far places.

In 2007 study conducted by High Beam Research, it was found out that 51,795,000 people have been using cellular phones, seventeenth (17th.) from worldwide list of cell phone users (Cell Phone Usage Worldwide, by Country, 2005).

According to Live Science Staff (2012), the recent study conducted by the researchers at the University of Michigan has shown how students who have companions set in the dining hall were observed on how well they use their cellular phones habitually as compared to older people. The study has figured out how students have repetitive actions of checking out their cellular phones in an average interval of 10 to 20 seconds at a time when someone around them does the same (Cell phone Addiction May Be Contagious, Study Finds, n. d.).

Whatever the implications cellular phone brings, it depends on the people on how they utilize its lead benefits and harmful effects to them and to the society. This paper aims to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cellular phones to people’s health and to society and how these serve as a tool for communicating with other people (Banerjee, P., 2011, April)....
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