The Effect of Popularity of Smartphones

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The effect of popularity of smartphones
Ever since the invention of smartphone, our lives have improved significantly. Unlike the traditional mobile phones, smartphones have computing ability that helps people to manage their work efficiently. They become so popular that we often can see people using their phones everywhere. It seems that smartphones have become a necessity of our life. We almost can conclude that they are one of the greatest inventions. However, while we enjoy the benefits they provide, we should also consider the drawbacks that they bring before jump to this conclusion.

To begin with, the use of smartphones is time-wasting. There are numerous functions of smartphones available for users to download and use anytime, anywhere. They become extremely popular in terms of its convenience. Nowadays, we always can see people chatting with friends, checking their mail, playing games through their phones at MTR, Bus or even walking in the street. This phenomenon shows that people tend to overuse their smartphones. They often do unnecessary things on smartphones. Some people may even addict to them and spend few hours on playing the phones every day. However, there is no extra time and therefore, it is a huge waste of time doing those meaningless things with smartphones.

People’s social life in long-term, moreover, are affected by smartphones. Since smartphones are now ubiquitous. We can see that there is a trend of over-relying on using smartphones. This trend brings a bad effect on people’s social life. For example, people may choose to stay at home playing with smartphones rather than having a ball game with peers. Besides, there are many functions of smartphones providing ways for people to communicate with friends. They may therefore lose interests to hang out with friends as they over-rely on those functions. People’s social life will then gradually be deteriorated. If people over-rely on phones, it cannot facilitate communication and...
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