Social Impact of Technology "Mobile Phones"

Topics: Mobile phone, Cordless telephone, Bluetooth Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Ray L. York
Social Impact of Technology
Assignment #1 Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Just say the word “phone” and we think mobile phone. Did you know a study conducted by CTIA wireless association shows there are over 322 million subscribers in 2011. By 2012 the estimated number of subscribers with increase dramatically. It has been one of the most popular inventions today and indispensable device we cannot live without. The mobile phone without a doubt offers enormous advantages and adds convenience, personal security, and allows us to take care of business on the go. This invention would of not been possible without the great inventors like Michael Faraday that proved in 1831 that vibrations of metal could be converted to electrical impulses or Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell creating the first steel diaphragm/electromagnet receiver in 1874 and later perfectioned the phone system in 1876.

While we are attracted by such innovation technology, are we also aware of its negative impact? In fact, mobile phones have brought a lot of attention to law makers, city officials, and state representatives by the everlasting effects of using a wireless device while driving, and other city and state ordinances that prevent us from using a wireless device in designated areas. Have you ever been behind someone driving and noticed their looking down at their mobile phone instead of driving or went out to catch a show at your local movie theater and hear a mobile phone ringing in the middle of the movie. It is our actions on how we use our mobile phones that can bring us peace or unpleasant embarrassment.

Nowadays everyone owns a mobile phone and has brought up many concerns for sociologists who are already beginning to notice people under the age 30 years old, are spending a great deal of time speaking to people they are not with, at the expense of...
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