Examining Cell Phone Effects

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Cellular network Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Stephanie Pendleton
Mr. Brandon
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30 Jan 2012
Examining Cell Phone Effects
Kailla Schlimm’s article “The Effect of Cell Phones in Modern Society” addresses issues on how cell phones have altered modern day society. Schlimm’s article is mainly targeted towards children and teenagers. She begins by expressing the main point that some people rely on their cell phones for everything and gives reason of why this may be and list examples. Schlimm then extends her argument and tells how cell phones are used and what they are used for. Schlimm also confers how cell phones may be great, but they also can cause problems. After each problem is addressed, the reader may want to stop and think about the positive effects and negative effects of cell phones.

Schlimm focuses on the many problems that cell phones can cause. In doing so, she reveals examples of danger and harm that they may cause. She begins by proposing explanations of how cell phones can be used improperly. For example, she say “Phones of the twenty-first century may be great at times, but at the same time the do cause a few problems. For instance, there are people who text and drive” (Schlimm). Schlimm then makes a reference to how this problem may add to the chance of getting into a car wreck even more than drinking alcohol and driving. She explains how this increases problems for the safety of the person texting, as well as all the other drivers. Not only does Schlimm address problems that occur while driving, she also approaches problems that are increasing in schools and homes. Schlimm declares, “Children are becoming distant for their parents because they are always on their phones focused on other less important thing.” After her statement she explains how some children admit to playing games during dinner, or even church. Also how students use their cell phones to text during school, and their cameras to cheat. She ventures on to acknowledge how these actions cause problems in...
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