Cell Phones and Society

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Cellular network Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: May 30, 2013
The influence of cell phones in society
In today’s society communication is huge. Cell phones have allowed us to talk to whoever we want wherever we want and whenever we want. “The mobile allows us to communicate whatever we want, whenever we want to, with other people who possess telecommunication devices.”(Rippin) It is not rare in any country these days to see someone talking on their cell phone. It has become part of daily life. Cell phones are not only for just texting or calling; they are also a device that has an influence on your family relations, peer relations, socialization, and identity information. Parent’s interaction with their kids and cell phones are different in every family. For most parents, giving their child a cell phone is a mark of maturity. Some parents give their kids a cell phone to increase control over their kids, and teenagers take it as a sign of independency. For some families cell phones can have a positive influence on the relationship by having better coordination within the family. “Influencing fashion, giving of phones by parents to children as a marker of “maturity,” privacy, emotional, personal and psychological attachment to the device, and personalization of the device as a statement of one’s identity.” (Nurullah) Cell phones can also have a negative effect on families. It can bring up issues. Cell phones can’t solve communication between parents and their kids. The flow of the communication and the quality may be in danger. Many teenagers might take advantage of their cell phones to a certain extent and begin to lose communication within their family. “On the one hand it allows for better coordination within the family, and on the other, it brings up issues surrounding the emancipation of the teen across cultures.” (Nurullah) It is thought that people with low self-esteem typically don’t communicate with people often because they are afraid of the responses they will receive. However, it is thought that people who have...
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