The Effect of Miscommunication in an Orgnization

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Reasons of miscommunication leading to lesser productivity in an organization

Nguyen Nam Khanh B0902385

Communication is a process beginning with a sender who encodes the message and passes it through some channel to the receiver who decodes the message. Communication is fruitful if and only if the receiver interprets the messages sent by the sender with same meaning. If any kind of disturbance blocks any step of communication, the message will be destroyed. Communication is more important in an organization. Cause miscommunication would lead to several problems to the organization especially, productivity. This paper would find out what reasons of miscommunication on an organization leading to ineffective productivity. Keyword: Communication, organization, productivity.

1. Introduction

Communication is always a very important role in personal life. In fact, it is said to be the backbone of living. The meanings of communication may be very different. Communication consists of all the processes by which information is transmitted and received. The subject matter may include facts, intentions, attitudes etc. and the chief purpose of communication is to make the receiver to understand what is in the mind of the sender. Communication is very crucial and unavoidable since we have intentions, which we want to pass across to another person, group or even to the external world. Communication provide evidence that people is living. Because one must like to communicate with people around him or her to share experience, ideas and feelings. In an organization, communication is inevitable and indispensable and can have huge impacts on how the organization works as a whole. Communication in an organization is about sharing ideas, information, opinions, and plans from person to person, department to department and inside the organization to external world. As far as we know, an effective communicate organization can get many benefits, such as: increasing productivity, improve efficiency, cut costs, improve morale, and decrease turnover, etc. Besides that, miscommunication or ineffective communication usually has negative effects. For examples: souring relations, leading to poor performances and felt on the productivity, and ultimately the outcome. Therefore, to get those benefits and avoid further negative effects, we need to find out why miscommunication takes place.

2. Interpersonal communication process

According to Robert N. Lussier (Springfield College), communication is a process in which consist of a sender who encodes a message and transmits it through a channel to a receiver who decodes it and may give feedback. The communication process consists of four steps. Step 1: The sender encodes the message and selects transmission channel Step 2: The sender transmits the message through a channel Step 3: The receiver decodes the message and decides if feedback is need Step 4: Feedback

3. Organization communication

In order to know more what reasons lead to miscommunication in workplace, we must know more about organization communicate so that we can answer the question. An organization refer to when people come together to work in pursuit of common goals, they establish a hierarchy of authority in other to achieve the common goals, they also in the process divide tasks according to members area of specialization so that the human resources within the organization can be properly harnessed to achieve the set objectives. According to Robert N. Lussier (Springfield College), communication in an organization generally is the compounded interpersonal communication process across and organization. Therefore, any of communication barriers between individual personal in an organization would affect the performance of the organization.

4. Interpersonal communication barrier

There are many...
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